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Rogerio Manuel Dias de Abreu is a portuguese sculptor, born in Freiria, Torres Vedras in June 19, 1967.

His father António Carlos Abreu and his mother Maria Fernanda Dias are farmers from neighboring parishes.

Childhood and adolescence

From an early age, already his creative vein was clearly noticed, as well as his hyperactivity, striking aspects along his path.

Factors that have arisen even before his entry into the primary school.

At 9 years old, already he was giving his first steps into the world of oil painting, in a spontaneous way as well as incomprehensible for those who arround him.

However, it would be in preparatory school where his artistic vein becomes more evident, appearing at this stage his first known sculpture works.

By the age of 13 and with meager means built his first pottery wheel, starting at that stage the contact with clay, much abundant in West Portugal. This criative vibe through ceramics could have been influenced by going with his parents to visit the village/atelier of the great master ceramist José Franco, in Mafra. Also at this time he became a passionate lover of books and museums, being a frequent visitor of both the City Museum and Municipal Library.

Also began in these years to participate in some colective exhibitions that occasionally occurred in the city in a pictoric style, the one he most indulged his time untill then.

Professional life

After he finished secondary school, given the meager family resources and his hunger for discovery and knowledge, he adventures into Helvetic lands (Genéve/Vevey) where he remained for about 7 years, always maintaining his artistic activity, attending to a drawing course at the École Assimil and also having some experiences with porcelain painting.

At the same time he progressed in this adventure abroad he initiated the design and construction of what would be its current house/Studio.

In 1992 returned to the motherland to start a route through civil construction while concluded his home/workshop, but always keeping the artistic activity, while the house/workshop concludes, this passion will be intensifying to the point of the beginning of 2000, with his family already formed, to have to make a decision. Dedicate full time to art with body and soul. If autodidact is as regards to the formation the truth is that in his constant study he found as masters: Rodin, Moore, Brancusi, Arp, Picasso, González, Chillida, Oteiza, Noguschi, Serra or Juan Muñoz among other artists more or less known. However considers the Greatest of the Masters, the Nature. And best of the Helpers, the Work.

Multidisciplinary sculptor in what concerns materials. His journey has been intense over these short years.

Having been invited to many exhibitions in Portugal, but also abroad standing out among several cities, Malaga, Seville, Victoria and Paris.

By now has already some public works (Belmonte, Meda, Butters, Torres Vedras), as well as works in private collections and institutions spread across the various continents.